Experiments involving the transmission of layered video over a local ATM network.

by Larry Andrew Baptiste

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Thesis (M.Sc.) -- University of Toronto, 1998.

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Experiments involving the transmission of layered video over a local ATM network. by Larry Andrew Baptiste Download PDF EPUB FB2

We present end-to-end performance of digital coded video (JPEG, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2) over a local asynchronuous transfer mode (ATM) network.

We discuss performance in terms of both delay (jitter) and frame loss as a function of load. The experimental data reveal that the burstiness of the variable bit-rate-coded video streams degrades the performance Cited by: 9.

Experiments Lnvolving the Transmission of Layered Video Over a Local ATM Network A thesis for the Degree of Master of Applied Science, Lany Andrew Baptiste Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Toronto Abstract In this thesis we investigate the feasibility of transmitnng layered video over a local ATM : Larry Andrew Baptiste.

Transmission Experiments over the All-Optical Network by Andrew Ugarov HDTV and MPEG NTSC video in ATM/SONET format. In addition, a number of demonstrations were used to illustrate and test the reliability performance local area network. Optical Terminals (OT's) are connected to Level-0 through a fiber pair.

Level-1 is a metropolitan. _____ encapsulates incoming Ethernet or token ring frames, then converts them into ATM cells for transmission over an ATM network. LANE SONET's extraordinary ____ results from its use of a double-ring topology over fiber-optic cable.

With today's network technology, our expectations for high performance networked multimedia applications are increasing.

However, no complete solution Cited by: TRANSMISSION OF MULTIPLE DESCRIPTION AND LAYERED VIDEO OVER AN EGPRS WIRELESS NETWORK Amy R. Reibman, Yao Wang*, Xiaoxin Qiu, Zhimei Jiang and Kapil Chawla ATIQT Labs Research, Schulz Drive, Red Bank, NIUSA * Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY Email: { amy,yao,xqiu,jiang,kapil) @ Abstract.

A high-speed network that connects local area networks in a metropolitan area, such as a city or town, and handles the bulk of communications activity across that region. microwave station An earth-based reflective dish that contains the antenna, transceivers, and other equipment necessary for microwave communications.

Layer 4 Switching Experiments for Burst Traffic and Video Sources in ATM Virgil DOBROTA, The model-based transmission could also reduce the network congestion. For instance, the experiment of Classical IP over ATM, M2_B video model, broadcast. The book specifically explores two complementary topics, namely: the coding algorithms made to compress the data rate of digital moving-picture sequences (video-telephony, television [TV] and high-definition television [HDTV]) and.

the transmission on Asynchronous Transfer Mode [ATM] networks (packet-switching transmission media).Cited by:   Purchase Digital Moving Pictures - Coding and Transmission on ATM Networks, Volume 3 - 1st Edition.

Print Book. ISBN Book Edition: 1. As asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks move from the design phase to the deployment phase, several theoretical assumptions and hypotheses made in the research literature can be evaluated. Experimental validation and verification is an essential component in the overall development of any novel technology.

Real-time communication services related to encoded video transmission over a high-speed network such as ATM need a new integrated protocol architecture to meet the required quality.

Bernd Girod: EEB Image Communication II Video over Networks no. 14 Receiver-Driven Layered Multicast Video and audio are encoded using layered, scalable scheme Different layers are transmitted on different multicast groups Each receiver subscribes to the base layer and depending on the available data rate to one or more enhancement layersFile Size: KB.

While video summary generation without transmission considerations has been studied extensively, the problem of rate-distortion optimized summary generation and transmission in a packet-lossy network has gained little attention.

We consider the transmission of summarized video over a packet-lossy network such as the Internet. We depart. physical layer of ATM. A brief introduction is given to the layered approach and functionality of the ATM physical layer. This is followed by an introduction to the two main TC sublayer implementations for ATM at high line rates, namely the SONET or.

Wireless Power Transmission: An Innovative Idea Need for wireless power transmission Wireless transmission is employed in cases where instantaneous or continuous energy transfer is needed, but interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible.

Number of household points receives electricity at the same frequency using. VBR Video T ra c. 26 Video T eleconference. 26 MPEG Video Stream.

28 W orld Wide eb T ra c. 30 WWW Call Lev el. 31 WWW Session Lev el. 32 4 Real Time Implemen tation of T ra c Mo dels in NetSp ec 33 Ov erview of NetSp ec 34 Implemen tations of In teractiv e T ra c. 37 i. The results of VDS over the local area network show that (1) the target system improves user perceived QoS at the receivers, and (2) the bandwidth.

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Network Security and Cryptography. Compression Techniques. Network Experiments. Basics of Computer Networking. The Internet and the Web. Internet and Web programming: Behind the scenes. The New Internet | Internet of Everything. Unknown facts of Networking. Line Configuration in Computer Networks. Transmission Modes in Computer Networks.

Experiment is an online platform for funding and sharing scientific discoveries. Push the boundaries of knowledge in biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, computer science, paleontology, economics, engineering, neuroscience, and more. Data Transmission Media Wire Wire connections, referred to LAN connection on local networks is one way of transmitting data to the computer.

Wire connections how most people connect to the internet. Using telephone wires (copper wires) as the source of transmitting data over the internet, it is how many millions of users are connected everyday.

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Comparing OSI and TCP/IP models. This is the layer where the data will be converted from digital to analogue form for transmission over the wires and then the network. In addition to this, it will also the responsibility of the Network Access Layer to make sure which protocols are supposed to be used over the network and what other hardware.

ROI Detection. This section presents a detailed formulation of the problem. The reader can refer to Table 1 for a summary of the symbols used.

Ultrasound scanners produce conical images where the actual image acquired by the probe sensor is a fan-shaped window over a black background including patient data and in some cases the associated ECG waveform (see Cited by: IEEE Proo f FU AND VAN DER SCHAAR: NEW SYSTEMATIC FRAMEWORK FOR AUTONOMOUS CROSS-LAYER OPTIMIZATION 3 considering the dynamics experienced at that layer, as well as the information available from other layers.

Importantly, this layered optimization framework preserves the current layered network architecture and does not. Video codec. In the MPEG-4 simple profile (SP), there are two basic types of video object plane (VOP): intra-coded VOP and inter-coded VOP, denoted by I-VOP and P-VOP, respectively.

For an I-VOP, every MB is coded using the intraframe mode. While MBs are coded with either the interframe prediction mode or intraframe mode in a by: 5. A(n) virtual private network allows an enterprise network to exist as a private network even though it uses a public network to connect many of its parts.

A(n) fractional T-1 line is a portion of a T-1 line that supports various transmission speeds and is less expensive than a T-1 line. Networking flashcards. Description. Online expert flash cards. Total Cards. Subject. Travel. Level. _____ provides high-speed networking over ordinary telephone lines.

Some experience with technologies such as Windows Server, network management tools, and DNS. Term. Which is the directly connected route or default route for any. Now that you understand what a transmission medium is, we will discuss ways in which devices are connected, both physically and electronically, so that they can communicate with each other.

First, we will look at how guided transmission media are commonly connected physically to form the physical topology of a local area network.and watching the reflected wave along with voltage standing wave over transmission line.

By varying various parameters of transmission line their effects can be visualized accordingly. Theory: Transmission line: It is a device designed to guide the electrical energy from one point to another.

It is used, for example, to transfer the RF energy File Size: KB. One of the key elements to the success of Ethernet is the concept of packet data transmission, where data, images, and even sound files are divided and reformatted into small units, transmitted over the network, and reassembled for use by the receiving : David Engebretson.